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TB 143cc Bore Kit, Performance Cam, Mikuni VM26, & Carb Kit – KLX110 2017-2023 Models

TBparts 143cc big bore kit, performance camshaft, Mikuni VM26, and carb kit for 2017+ KLX110s together in the best package deal! Starting with our 143cc big bore kit the performance gains are HUGE! It includes our all aluminum ceramic coated cylinder that is lighter than the OEM steel sleeved aluminum cylinder, reduces friction while improving sealing (increasing power), and provides better heat transfer (runs and cools down quicker). Paired with our 60mm high compression lightweight piston (7mm larger than the stock 53mm piston) and you have a great base for big power gains of over 50%. The cam in this kit is the best cam on the market in our opinion for a stock head 143cc setup. This cam works perfect with this setup making more power everywhere. Top all of that off with the +8mm VM26 carb kit that is port matched to the stock head and you cannot make more power for less! The larger carb kit cuts down big on intake restrictions and will make more power everywhere. This kit also includes all the necessary top end gasket. This affordable setup will really make your KLX110 fly! High quality parts and requires no machining to the cases or other modifications – bolt on and go!

Kit Features –

All aluminum ceramic coated cylinder, lighter than the OEM steel sleeved aluminum cylinder (reduces friction and improves sealing, increasing power), and provides better heat transfer (runs and cools down quicker). Lightweight high compression domed 60mm piston with rings, pin, & clips (Safe on 91+ Octane Pump Fuel) NEW Head gasket kit, includes the cylinder head o-ring set and an exhaust gasket. Genuine Mikuni VM26mm Performance Carb (Not a cheap Chinese copy carb) Intake Kit ported to match stock head Jet kit with 3 different sizes for varying conditions and exhausts (Stock size is a #190 – Extra jets sizes of 155, 165 & 175) Throttle Cable Foam Air Filter New Performance Camshaft with bearings Cam sprocket and hardware included for installation! This kit does not require boring of the case – simply bolt on and go! There are no installation instructions, but if you can replace your piston, you can install this kit. If you don’t have any experience working on your engine, we highly recommend having a professional technician install this kit or, at a minimum, purchasing the shop manual for your bike available from your local Kawasaki dealer. The parts are installed in the same manner as the OEM parts. Our tech section is continuing to grow as we add the answers to commonly asked questions in our – Kawi Tech Section.

Note – This is a bolt on kit for 2017+ KLX110. The cam is not a decompression cam like OEM, we have not had any starter issues from this. Our cam also requires removal of rear bearing for use with these model years

Jetting this kit – With the stock exhaust #20 pilot and #165 main jet are a good starting point. If you have an aftermarket performance exhaust a #175 main jet is recommended. If you are using anything over #22.5 for the pilot jet that is too large, additionally we have never used less than a #20 pilot on this setup.

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